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Retake Of Exams For Aggregate Improvement.

Discussion in 'Others' started by Jazz Hands, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Jazz Hands

    Jazz Hands

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    I gave my Olevels in may june 2016. i got Bs in Bio Phys Chem. Im prepared to retake them in Oct Nov 2017 to improve my final aggregate for admission to medical college because ive seen that olevel results also make a huge part of the whole equivalence formula for the aggregate.
    So couple of questions...

    Should i Retake or Register as a fresh candidate for just these 3 subjects??

    Will these exams be within time frame allowed for improvement of results?
    For admission to med colleges in Punjab in 2018, will this fresh result be accepted ?
    Will the IBBC give equivalence for this fresh result? i havnt taken equivalence as yet for my Olevel result because i made up my mind immediately to retake but couldnt last year....

    im pretty sure Insha Allah ill get As this time in those 3 subjects.

    any help will be appreciated . thanx.
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