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Literature in English 2010-HELP NEEDED.

Discussion in 'CIE' started by Feroz Tahir, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Feroz Tahir

    Feroz Tahir

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    Hey guys! Hope you all doing well so is me! :)
    I needed few Tips/Help/Advice or whatever you like to name it! I'll give my Literature paper this May/June 2013 with an aim of A* or At least A grade.
    Firstly I'll select my questions from Drama and Prose.
    Help me selection 2 Books from each Section PLEASE. The one's those are Easy :)
    Drama Section contains questions on : (2 Drama's I need to select to answer)
    *Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman
    *William Shakespeare The Tempest
    *William Shakespeare Julius Caesar
    *Oscar Wilde The Importance of being Earnest.
    From Prose Section following books: (Same 2 books I need to select in order to meet the requirement of doing 4 Questions from at least 2 sections)
    *Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights
    *Tsitsi Dangarembga Nervous Conditions
    *Anita Desai Fasting,Feasting
    *Kiran Desai Hullabaloo in the Guava orchard
    *F.Scott Fitzgerald The great Gatsby
    *Short 10 Stories from Anthology.

    PLEASE Tell me which books I should prepare from these Sections!
    Secondly, I'm my own, No tuition's so guide me the best to A*, THANK YOU :D
    ( If you want to support me with any help full guide,documents etc PLEASE come ahead, I'll really appreciate your effort guys ) Reply ASAP. As I only have 100 days to prepare with my 8 more subjects! (Y)
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