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IGCSE Business help! Past paper question

Discussion in 'Help, Ideas & Suggestions' started by am123, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. am123


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    4 Isaiah had been to college to study business. His tutors told him that added value was very
    important if a business was to be successful and profitable. Table 2 shows a task given to
    Isaiah by his tutors.

    d) Identify and explain three methods that Isaiah could use in marketing his new business
    to potential customers. (6 marks)
    Method 1:

    Method 2

    Method 3:Explanation

    Do you think that if Isaiah adds value then his business will be successful and
    profitable? Justify your answer.(6 marks)

    http://www.xtremepapers.com/papers/CIE/Cambridge IGCSE/Business Studies (0450)/0450_w09_qp_12.pdf
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