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A-levels or Intermediate. Engineering

Discussion in 'Others' started by foxtort, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. foxtort


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    So lately i finished my o level exams my results was very good i got 5A* and 1 A.

    However now there is a little confusion and i am not sure if i should go for A-levels or Intermediate exams. I do want to go to a university in Pakistan and was wondering how hard is it to get on the merit list while doing A-levels. Can someone with previous experience regarding this matter guide me.

    Also i have herd from people that you loose 20% marks if you do A-levels how correct is that, and if it is true do you have explanation as to why or how they do this?

    Any help will be appreciated greatly.

    i want to do engineering, possibly mechanical
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